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Test 2 Readings - Sheet1 Page 1 Michael Psellus Higher...

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Unformatted text preview: Sheet1 Page 1 Michael Psellus ---- Higher Education in Byzantium 1000 ce young Philosopher seeking to expand his rhetoric and philisophical skills writes of his endeavors to become as enlightened as plato or aristotle were values education greatly, thirst for wisdom, brought together philisophical thought and science, The Koran ---- The Believers Duties 600 ce concerned with fasting etc, righousness koran god beliefs... muhammed, The Koran ---- Jews and Christians 600 ce talks about believers vrs nonbelivers, penalties, sabeans, jews, christians will all go to heaven The Koran ---- On Pagans 600 ce hating on those who say they do set aside or worship for god but do not, vengance on disbelievers The Koran ---- On Jesus Son of mary 600 CE jesus's conception, talks about jews keeping things from others, god owns everything not just one 'son' we are all his sons etc, more about those who disbelive shall be punished Gregory of Tours ---- The Life of Clovis 550 CE Speaks about the life of clovis and conversion towards christianity, baptism in the name of father...
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