Test 3 Readings - Sheet1 Page 1 The Black Death - Giovanni...

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Unformatted text preview: Sheet1 Page 1 The Black Death - Giovanni Boccaccio - 1350 - 216-224 Account of the era of the plague and how it affected the conditions in europe People abandoned crops, their homes and even children, morals were lost, no peace enforcing body existed because it had either died off completely or almost died off. Animals roamed the streets people were buried in mass graves and had quick or no funeral, death tolls rose everywhere as Europe continued to be ravaged by the plague--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The English Peasants' Revolt - Froissart - 1350 - 207-215 Story of the bondmen and serfs journey to london to demand their freedom from servitude They end up a considerable force in the tens of thousands and upon arriving in london demand freedom The king grants them this and says letters and banners and royal seal will be sent, the whole nine yards Wat Tyler, the leader of this peasant mob decides to get cocky upon leaving and is killed, enrages some nobles and causes the king to withdraw his letters and banners and proclaims that anyone dare resist that they face penalty of death---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
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Test 3 Readings - Sheet1 Page 1 The Black Death - Giovanni...

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