chapter 10 test review

chapter 10 test review - Exploring Environmental Issues...

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Exploring Environmental Issues 1301, Dr. Marcum Test 2 review sheet CHAPTER 10 – Health and Toxicology Describe the 4 types of hazards and give examples of each. - physical: earthquakes, blizzards, volcanic eruptions, landslides, and other natural disasters, as well as UV radiation. - Chemical: natural or synthetic. - Biological: viruses, bacteria, other biological pathogens - Cultural hazards: smoking, drug use, poor diet and nutrition. Discuss the impact of diseases, and whether they are increasing or decreasing - Diseases are numerous and diverse in terms of how they occur. Influenza, heart disease, tuberculosis, malaria, cancer, etc. can all be considered diseases. I don’t know how to answer the “increasing or decreasing” question, but I would imagine that in the U.S., the risk of death from infectious diseases is probably much lower than it is in other developing countries. Describe the text’s 4 indoor health hazards? - lead: in paint and pipes. Exposure via ingestion or inhalation can cause damage to the brain, liver, kidneys, stomach, can also cause behavioral abnormalities and learning problems, anemia, hearing loss, and even death. - Asbestos: a mineral that occurs in the form of long, microscopic fibers, which can cause lung damage (including cancer). It has been used as insulator for buildings. -
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chapter 10 test review - Exploring Environmental Issues...

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