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Chapter8quiz - 11 defines “the connections that human...

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Exploring Environmental Issues 1301 Chapter 8 Practice Quiz 1. _______ is the sum total of all organisms in an area taking into account the diversity of species, their genes, their populations, and their communities. 2. Name two components of species diversity, according to the book. 3. The disappearance of a particular population from a given area, but not the entire species globally, is referred to as ________. 4. The earth has experienced ____ mass extinctions. True or False 5. Biodiversity is evenly distributed across the earth. 6. Measuring biodiversity is easy. 7. Invasive species are a major cause of biodiversity. 8. E.O. Wilson and Robert MacArthur introduced the equilibrium theory of island biogeography. 9. The Endangered Species Act set no limits of trade. 10. List several “ecosystem services.”
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Unformatted text preview: 11. _________ defines “the connections that human being subconsciously seek with the rest of life.” 12. “ESA” stands for the __________ ___________ ______. 13. ________ _____________ is the term used when individuals are bred and raised in controlled conditions and then reintroduced into the wild. 14. Biodiversity __________ pinpoints areas of high diversity. Answers 1. Biodiversity 2. Species richness, evenness (relative abundance) 3. Extirpation 4. 5 5. False 6. False 7. True 8. True 9. False 10. Provides food, fuel, and fiber; provides shelter and building materials; purifies air and water; detoxifies and decomposes wastes; stabilizes and moderates Earths’ climate. 11. Biophilia 12. Endangered Species Act 13. Captive Breeding 14. Hotspots...
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