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chapter11quiz - 11 Dikes and levees are meant to control...

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Exploring Environmental Issues 1301 Chapter 11 Practice Quiz and Answers Define the following: 1. freshwater: 2. floodplain: 3. wetlands: 4. water table: 5. ____________ is the shallow water around the nutrient-rich edges of a water body, where plants may grow from the mud and extend above the surface. 6. ____________extends along the bottom of a lake or pond, from shore to the deepest point. 7. ____________ is the open portion of a lake or pond, away from the shore. Sunlight can penetrate this zone supports phytoplankton. 8. ____________ is the volume of open water that sunlight does not reach. Lacks photosynthetic life, is lower in dissolved oxygen. True or False: 9. Non-point source pollution arises from discrete locations, such as a factory or sewer pipe. 10. Eutrophic conditions are those that are high-nutrient, low-oxygen conditions.
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Unformatted text preview: 11. Dikes and levees are meant to control floods. 12. In water treatment, about 60% of suspended solids are removed in secondary treatment, through use of settling tanks or clarifiers. 13. MPAs stands for “Marine protected areas” 14. Upwelling is the flow of cold, deep water toward the surface. Answers 1. Water with few dissolved salts. 2. Areas that are periodically flooded by a river. 3. Systems that combine elements of freshwater and dry land; may include marshes, swamps, and bogs. 4. The boundary between the zone of saturation and zone of aeration for an aquifer. 5. Littoral zone 6. Benthic zone 7. Limnetic zone 8. Profundal zone 9. False 10. True 11. True 12. False 13. True 14. True...
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