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chapter 6 test review

chapter 6 test review - Exploring Environmental Issues 1301...

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Exploring Environmental Issues 1301, Dr. Marcum Test 2 review sheet CHAPTER 6 - Population Issues to think about: What factors lead to increased population? - increased birth rates - decreased death rates - immigration - emigration - a high total fertility rate (TFR) - poverty correlated with population growth Why do some people say that increased numbers of humans is not a problem? What do other people say about quality of life and resources with increased human population size? - For those who say it is a problem: -- Population growth increases competition for resources. -- Population growth generates more pollution. -- Population growth may decrease the quality of life for many individuals. -- Not all resources can be replaced. - For those who say it is not a problem: -- Population growth arise from a good thing, the ability to keep people alive longer. -- We may find new and innovative ways of utilizing natural resources. Describe the I=PATS formula and its various inputs (the P,A,T,S) - This equation describes the following: Total environmental impact (I) results from interaction among population (P), affluence (A), and technology (T). (I am not sure what the S stands for. See page 126). Describe human population growth through time and the effects of this growth on the environment. What are future population projections?
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