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philosophy notes - care If you do not respect your parents...

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1. Filial Piety in the Analects Based on your reading of the Analects as a whole, what do you think Kongzi means when he says that in being filial within one’s own family, one is already taking part in government (2.21)? What do you think motivates Kongzi to say this? Do you think he is right? Give at least two reasons to support your answer. Be sure to provide textual evidence from the Analects to support your discussion of Kongzi’s view, including passages that discuss filial piety and the family, as well as passages that discuss governing. At the same time, filiality is more than merely giving material support to one’s parents. It also involves the self-cultivation of proper respectful and reverential inner dispositions toward them: Ziyou asked about filial conduct (xiao). The Master replied: “Those today who are filial are considered so because they are able to provide for their parents. But even dogs and horses are given that much
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Unformatted text preview: care. If you do not respect your parents, what is the difference? (Analects 2:7) 12.11 Let the ruler be a ruler, the father a father. 8.2 Family obligations as the model for all action. “If the gentlemen is kind to his relatives, the common people will be inspired toward goodness; if he does not neglect his old acquaintances, the people will honor their obligations to others.” 13.18 12.11 ‘ let the lord be a true lord, the ministers true ministers, the fathers true fathers, and the sons true sons.” 1.2 “Master you said, “A young person who is filial and respectful of his elders rarely becomes the kind of person who is inclined to defy his superiors and there has never been a case of one who is disinclined to defy his superiors stirring up rebellion. “ 12.17 “To govern means to be correct. If you set an example by being correct yourself, who will dare to be incorrect”...
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