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Danny O’Leary Nick Muller Final Paper Deciding on a career can be one of the hardest decisions in a persons life that more often than not will be made more than once. Up until this year my least favorite question from the age of ten till twenty was “What kind of job are you going to get when you’re out of college?” I feel as if this question is an adult’s favorite question to ask any adolescent, and until the age of about ten this is the easiest question to answer. At a young age being a boy the easy answer is a NBA player, policeman, doctor and or lawyer. Never would have I had guessed I wanted to be a business planning analyst which is the career path that I currently am striving for out of college. A business-planning analyst is a career path that most do not strive for out of college but might come upon in the job-searching path, not me, at this point in my life I feel as if this job would suit me perfectly. In the last couple of years I have had some great influences from people that are involved in my life that have helped me take some major steps in choosing what I want to do with my life. But I feel ultimately I have to make the decision, which is right for me. In order to decide what I want to I need to incorporate my strengths for my job searching process without trying to be modest. My strengths in the work field would be my organizational skills, an outgoing attitude, which helps with networking, and my driven attitude towards everything I do. When I mention the word “planner” one might think of an older lady who takes care of weddings, in which I do not fit that stereotype nor do I want to be a wedding planner but I do hold
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Some of those key attributes are organization and positive customer/employee relationships and these will make me a successful business planner analyst. These strengths that I have will perfectly fit the job description that Nike has laid forth for this position that I will be striving for in the next couple of years. Business Planning Analyst – 037088 Take an idea. Make it a product. Get it into the pipeline. Share it with the world. Sounds simple, but, of course, the devil's in the details. At Nike's In-House Manufacturing and Distribution Divisions, we manage every detail, making sure great ideas become great products for athletes everywhere. What does this mean for you? In the best situations it means you'll push your colleagues to do their best work, and they'll turn around and do the same for you.” As I said earlier I have had some great influences in my life that have helped me come a long way in my search for a career. Each one of these people I have talked to about my job have helped me recently not only choose my career path but they helped me make a more immediate choice that was coming down to the wire. This choice that I have had to make most recently is the decision on whether I am going to obtain an
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Final Paper - Danny O'Leary Nick Muller Final Paper...

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