history 1920s -1950s - Life in the 1920's Intro.A a time...

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Unformatted text preview: Life in the 1920's Intro .A a time full of social and cultural changes .B also a decade of social tension .C culturally rich and vibrant time New Trends .A Women's Roles .1 political changes )a 1920 the 19 th amendment gave women the right to vote .2 economically )a women enter into the workforce in the 1920's i women are discriminated against ii society limits women to certain jobs iii most women who work are single/poor .3 society )a Gibson girl- the ideal girl before 1920's )b in the 1920's, it changes to flappers i short haired, short skirt loud women, boyish figures .B Sex and Morality .1 new openness about sex in the 1920's .2 automobiles change it because it free young kids away from their parents .3 petting – anything sexual below the neck, but isn't sex .C Recreation .1 for the first time ever, middle class has free time )a sport i watching/participating ii baseball • Babe Ruth iii music and dance • jazz iv fads Reactions in the 1920's .A Red Scare .1 1919/1920 .2 an anti-communist hysteria (when reasonable people honestly believe their enemies are hidden around them) .3 communism – working class will raise up and over through the rich to make a perfect world .4 after W Herbert Hoover and the Great Depression (1929-1933) Intro .A awful economic depression .1 most serious depression in our history .2 discredited the republican party .3 shook peoples faith in the United States Background to the Great Depression .A 1928 election .1 Republicans run Hoover (very capable guy) .2 Democrats run Al Smith .3 2 things that ruin Al smith )a he was a Roman Catholic from New York )b country was prosperous and the republicans take credit for it .B Causes of the Great Depression .1 over dependence )a we depend on only a few key industries and if they go down we have nothing to save us .2 overproduction )a everyone already has everything they need .3 high tariffs )a other countries have high tariffs also, so we have no place to sell anything .4 exclusion )a not all Americans were doing well before the depression i farmers and miners are always sucky .C The Stock Market Crashes .1 shows people that good economic times are over .2 in the 1920's, the stock keeps going up for middle class wants to buy some .3 don't have enough money to buy, so they buy on margin (credit) and will repay later .4 Roger Babson sees the the economy is heading for trouble .5 in the fall, the stock market declines a little and so )a creditors start to call in their loans )b investors start to sell their stock )c millions of people try to sell their stock but no one will buy it so it all becomes worthless Life During the Great Depression .A Hoover's Strategy .1 tried to remain confident (sucks at it) .2 get Congress to pass the Hawley-Smoot tariff )a highest tariff everything )b just makes all the other countries raise their tariffs as well )c destroys international trade .3 encourages businesses and labor union to cooperate .4 wants federal government to be responsible .5 blame some one else )a foreigners .6 Congress sets up the Reconstruction Finance Corporation )a lends money to businesses/banks who are going through hard times...
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history 1920s -1950s - Life in the 1920's Intro.A a time...

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