History 1954-1993 - Civil Right Movement(1954-70 Intro.A...

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Civil Right Movement (1954-70) Intro .A was a social movement whose goal was equality for black Americans )1 it was partially successful )2 many of the people who participate in the movement, they will participate in any other movements )3 it had a beginning, middle and end Opening Rounds .A Brown vs. Board of Education )1 blacks are treated as 2 nd class citizens because of Jim Crow Laws which segregated them from the rest of society )2 NAACP was the leading organization who was fighting Jim Crow Laws, they fight it in the federal courts )a target southern education system because of segregation )b they will take a school to court )3 Supreme Court rules that segregated school is unconstitutional and decided to integrate schools )a all public schools have to integrated with deliberate )b it was a decisive legal breakthrough- if they got school to integrate, they can get other things to change )c it showed black Americans that they can work within the system .B Little Rock )1 Little Rock schools decided to integrate schools )2 Governor Orval Faubis of Little Rock didn't want integrated schools and uses his power )a the state has to send army to integrate )b the school system were closed down, but opened up again Rise of Martin Luther King Jr. .A Montgomery bus boycott )1 in Montgomery, Al, Rosa Parks got arrested because she didn't give up her seat for a while person )2 important because the Montgomery leaders use this to step up their game )a black leaders were going to boycott buses until integrated )3 Supreme Court rules that buses have to be integrated .B Martin Luther King Jr., the man )1 King uses this boycott )2 King got his job because he is new and became the leader of the bus boycott successfully )a he came up with a philosophy .1as a Christian, he had an obligation to fight for social justice .2non-violence so he can look like the good guy .3King portrays the civil rights movement to justice and injustice )3 in order to change society, he needs white support )4 King sets up the Southern Christian Leadership Conference )a his organization to fight the Jim Crow Laws .C Birmingham )1 King came up with a plan
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)2 does 4 things according to his philosophy )a they will go to a southern city and protest peacefully )b they want to provoke a violent response )c he wanted to attract nationwide attention )d public pressure will force the local white leaders to negotiate with King .1ex: Birmingham, Al, King and the SCLC go there and protest peacefully and wanted to provoke a violent response .2 Bull Connor, a cop, tries to ignore them at first but then he sends out his police and it was all caught on TV .athis pressures local leadership )3 Legislative Success )a Kennedy is President at the time, he sympathizes with King and the SCLC but he needs the support of the Southern white democrats )b King gets upset and wants to do a March on Washington .1gave speeches and this pressures Kennedy to play an active role )c Lyndon Johnson (1963-67), a southern white Democrat, succeeds Kennedy and
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History 1954-1993 - Civil Right Movement(1954-70 Intro.A...

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