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Political Science A. Fragmented Government I. “weak executive” system a) fewer constitutional or statutory powers. b) Texas ranked 50/50 c) not done on accident, voters reject to increase governors power d) pay is 150,000 – 175,000 a year, spend 28 million campaigning e) Bill Clements was the 1 st Republican Governor II. “plural executive” a) the division of executive power among several elected officials b) since governor is weakened, power have to be in many hands. i) Governor, Lieutenant Governor and cabinet make this up III. “board-commission” system a) numerous boards and commissions each has power independent of governor b) powers come directly from constitution or laws i) Public Utilities Commission ii) Texas railroad commission a .most important, regulates oil and gas industry iii) board of regents B. Organization I. Qualifications a) must be an American citizen b) a resident of Texas for 5 years preceding election c) at least 30 years old II. Term of office a) 4 years, elections held in even numbered years b) no limits on how many years they serve III.Selections and removal a) can be removed though the impeachment process. i) The House accuses an executive/judicial official of misconduct serious enough to warrant removal from office C. Powers and Responsibilities I. appointive a) largest powers b) boards and commission are appointed by governor and have longer terms than the governor i) 7-13 years and they are staggered ii) if the governor was effective in selecting good people, his attitude will be live throughout II. judicial a) greatly limited through checks and balances b) same as what the president has; parole, amnesty, pardon c) very restricted, only use is board of pardons and paroles recommends it III.budgetary powers a) largest power and weakness b) Dual budgetary system (contrasted with federal unified budgetary system) i) Unified (federal budget system) a .when congress works on budget, they look at President's budget.
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b .Early in new fiscal year, president sends order to every part of federal government to get them to start on budget for next fiscal year. c . Series of dates to comply with money, set a date to send proposed budgets to OMB where they will be compiled 1 .Director of OMB will attempt to compile a budget that fits with President's. Economic and political agenda or philosophy 2 .Whatever president campaigns with, the OMB tried to fit with it Ex: more military, better education. Most budgetary items are already set. Only about 12-20% can be moved around. d .Stages budget goes through in Congress 1 .authorization – approved the idea of the measure up to the $ amount mentioned 2 .appropriation – how much money actually available if Presidents okay with it. What congress has actually approved ii) Dual Budgetary System in Texas a .face 2 budgets b .one budget prepared by LBB (Legislative budget board) c . never accept one over the other, they just combine the two or add more or take away parts. d .Governor does have item veto and he can sign some or veto some
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poli sci review - Political Science A Fragmented Government...

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