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marketing project - 1. Product - Describe your product....

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1. Product - Describe your product. What is it? What are its traits and attributes? What benefits will your product provide to the target audience, and why should they care? 1. VIF – “slogan” –newest cutting edge cellphone PDA, made by motoral but don’t want to really affiliate this product with motoral, but we want their backing (use motorals technology, and use it as backing, but keep it separate) 2. Traits and attributes: (FOCUS IS THE PRODUCTS) sleek good look, 2 way video, projective keyboard, big screen, easy to use, program installtion ability; the ability to custimze the phone 3. Benefits: (FOCUS IS THE CUSTOMER—WHY SATISFYING FOR THE CUSTOMER) international capabilities, airplane capabilities, translator, converter, unlocked, high tech GPS, stock feature, preloded adobe and Microsoft feature; a conciers service that not only does reservations, bookings and transportation, but that also has a hardrive database that automatically saves all data, numbers, emails etc…. can have an ability to integrate onto your computers network through Bluetooth 4. Target audiene: those willing to spend money on phone, travelers, and business; the innovators and early adapters with spending capabilities; people that like having the nicest, hottest new trends and gadgets as well as the tech geeks that like the most innovative new products a. They should care because it is a technology that makes their lives easier and provides solutions at alternatives where other phones and technologies lack;
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marketing project - 1. Product - Describe your product....

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