Exam 2 Practice 2

Exam 2 Practice 2 - 1 An organism which harvests sunlight...

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1. An organism which harvests sunlight, fixes atmospheric carbon dioxide, and oxidizes organic compounds as a source of electrons would be considered: A. a photolithoheterotroph B. a chemolithoheterotroph C. a chemolithoautotroph D. a photoorganoautotroph E. an organochemoautotroph 2. All animal life falls into this category. A. photolithoautotrophs B. photolithoheterotrophs C. chemolithoautotrophs D. chemoorganoheterotrophs E. chemoorganoautotrophs 3. Which of the following elements is required in the composition of nucleic acids and proteins? A. Nitrogen B. Phosphorus C. Sulfur D. Iodine E. Astatine 4. Which of the following molecules most likely enters the cell via passive diffusion? A. Na + ions B. Cl - ions C. glucose D. carbon dioxide E. soluble iron 5. Which of the following processes is most likely ATP-dependent ? A. osmosis of water B. transport of H + across a membrane C. diffusion of atmospheric oxygen D. facilitated diffusion of an amino acid E. all of the above 6. On the right side is printed the recipe for a minimal media used to culture E. coli. Given the contents, what type of media is it? A. Chemically-defined B. Complex C. Selective D. Differential E. Enrichment
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7. MacConkey agar is a type of agar used to culture Gram (-) cells. How would MacConkey agar be classified? A. Bacteriostatic media B. Selective media C. Chemically defined and synthetic media D. alkalophilic media E. copper-rich media 8. Which of the following allow differentiation of hemolytic and non-hemolytic bacteria? A. LB agar B. Nutrient agar C. Blood agar D. Nutrient broth E. Tryptic soy agar 9. MacConkey agar and blood agar can both be considered: A. Chemically defined media B. Bacteriocidal media C. Selective media D. Differential media E. General purpose media 10. In the laboratory, you have a need to select for Salmonella enterica, which is a Gram (-) inhabitant of the digestive system, from a mixture. How might you accomplish this? A. Spread plate the mixture on MacConkey agar B. Pour plate the mixture onto media containing tetracycline C. Use a chemostat filled with nutrient broth D. Ionize the mixture with gamma radiation E. Enrich with zinc-containing minimal media
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Exam 2 Practice 2 - 1 An organism which harvests sunlight...

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