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Practice Exam 2 - 1 Monochromatic(single color light is...

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1. Monochromatic (single color) light is sometimes used to increase the resolution of light microscopes. Light of which color below would give you the best resolution? A) Red B) Orange C) Green D) Blue 2. Pili are: A) small, hairlike projections around the cell. B) needed for conjugation. C) numerous and there can be over 1000 per cell. D) All of the above 3. The presence of D-amino acids in the crosslinks of the peptidoglycan layer is most likely because: 4. Which of the following is NOT true about bacterial flagella?
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5. Bacteria accomplish chemotaxis by: 6. What is the purpose of bacterial endospores? A) To allow the bacterium to make hundreds of ‘seeds’. B) To help the bacterium to differentiate into faster growing stages of bacteria C) To allow the bacterium to survive the absence of oxygen D) To allow the bacterium to survive extended periods of heat or dryness 7. Unique components of the peptidoglycan layer are:
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