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Truth about Identity - Nuzzo 1 Kristi Nuzzo English 103...

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Nuzzo 1 Kristi Nuzzo English 103 Professor Flood October 1, 2007 The Truth about Identity How one person may define identity could very easily be different from someone else’s perspective, so what is the actual definition? According to , the actual definition of identity is, “The collective aspect of the set of characteristics by which a thing is definitively recognizable or known”. Based on this definition, identity is a part of a human that causes them to be distinguishable from others, their own self. A person’s identity is what allows them to be who they truly are, and not what others want them to be. So why do people often hide their true identities? Although identity is meant to be decided by oneself, it seems as though these factors make people feel the need to hide their identities: family traditions, the harsh public view that will be brought upon them and fear. One of the biggest reasons a person may hide their true identity is family. Family is an important part of everyone’s life and jeopardizing that relationship seems to be impossible. Although many times family members feel they are only doing the best for those who they love, not allowing someone to be who they truly are is like taking away their freedom. For example, in the movie “Kinky Boots”, Lola’s father judged and made comments about him causing him to hide his true feelings. While growing up, Lola’s
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Nuzzo 2 father was constantly calling him names. He would refer to him as “Stupid Boy” and remind him that he is a “boy” so he should stop acting like a girl by wearing girl shoes. Although his father had tried forcing him to become a boxer, Lola knew that was not
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Truth about Identity - Nuzzo 1 Kristi Nuzzo English 103...

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