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Sociology Final - Nuzzo 1 Kristi Nuzzo Professor Klein...

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Nuzzo 1 Kristi Nuzzo Professor Klein Introduction to Sociology March 2, 2008 Literature Review: Social Responsibility on Campus DePaul University is a socially responsible institution. For the most part, DePaul gives everyone equal access to education and other resources. They offer many different classes for certain majors, yet if you are not majoring in that specific field sometimes they do not allow you to take a certain class. One resource DePaul offers, which students very commonly use to their advantage, is the Library. The DePaul library has thousands of books for students to use. If the library does not have the right article, book, exc., there is an online library website where students can find nearby libraries that have the book they are looking for. DePaul also offers volunteer tutoring to all current students. One resource DePaul offers that I tend to use a lot is the Writing Center. The DePaul Writing Center is located in the Schmidt Academic Center, which is where most English classes take place. The Writing Center offers help from current students and alumni on any type of English issue you are having, like building a thesis, finding an article or learning how to use proper grammar. DePaul does a wonderful job sponsoring events to try to keep students involved on campus. DePaul seems to be an extremely socially responsible university. Although there are some negatives things about DePaul, like not being allowed to register for a class if it does not fit your specific major, there are far more positives than there are negatives.
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Nuzzo 2 DePaul offers many activities, groups and organizations to help keep students socially active and put forth a lot of effort in doing so. It is up to the students though, to actually follow through and remain socially responsible. All of the workers and teachers at DePaul are extremely nice and helpful. On campus, every corner you turn has smiling workers and students. DePaul is known for having a very friendly atmosphere and we take great pride in that. For the money and the amount of students here at DePaul, I would think the workers would get paid a fair amount. Coming from a small private high school, Driscoll Catholic, it was very common for teachers to retire after only being there for a few years. For the most part, they would retire because they were offered a job at another high school or college where they would get paid a lot more. At DePaul though, many of the teachers have been here for a good amount of time and seem to enjoy being here. Yes, the DePaul book store offers many different items and pieces of clothing made from sweatshops. Most of the pens, folders, sweatshirts, sweatpants and other accessories are made from sweatshops in China. Because basically everything sold at the campus store is made from China, students and athletes have no choice but to wear apparel made in sweatshops. DePaul is very serious about their recycling system. There are numerous recycling
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Sociology Final - Nuzzo 1 Kristi Nuzzo Professor Klein...

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