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Nuzzo 1 Kristi Nuzzo Chicago’s Disabled Communities September 24, 2007 Professor Karen Meyer Simon Birch Simon Birch is a movie that would definitely leave a lasting impression on audiences. It is based upon a novel by John Irving called, A Prayer for Owen Meany. Simon Birch was released into theaters on September 11, 1998. The movie is about a young boy named Simon Birch who was the smallest delivery ever recorded in the history of Gravestown Memorial Hospital. Although just about everyone who lives in his small hometown pokes jokes at him and calls him names, his best friend Joe never leaves his side. Joe is from a very wealthy family and is raised without a father. He is raised by his mother, grandmother and their servant. His mother never tells him the truth about who his real father is, which leaves Joe on a journey to try to figure it out on his own. Being the son of the town beauty, Joe was also an outcast of this small New England town. Joe and Simon spend just about every second of the day together. Simon’s parents do not seem to care very much about what he does and hardly give him any attention. When Joe’s mother recognizes this, she makes an extra effort to show him a good amount of attention, as if he too was her son. Throughout the movie Simon constantly reminds everyone that God has made him this way for a reason and he is certain he is going to be a hero, he jus does not know how. The rest of the movie portrays the wonderful
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Nuzzo 2 friendship of trust between Simon and Joe and all the obstacles they face along the way. In the summer of 1964 though, their friendship is put to a test. Simon and Joe both
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simon birch - Nuzzo 1 Kristi Nuzzo Chicago's Disabled...

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