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google project - excel at Google From my research on Google...

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Eric K. May Organizational Management Operation Google In an interview with Jungle, Wayne Kalyn interviews Judy Gilbert of Google, whose official title is Staffing Program Director. During the course of the interview he is privileged with asking questions about the interview process Google puts the perspective employees through. Judy Gilbert describes the person who is an ideal candidate for Google is, “confident and pulled together,” people who are team oriented will succeed, “people who don’t do well here are I-focused… the candidate (during the interview) is always saying “here’s what I did, or other people messed it up, but I saved it,” Gilbert says will not enjoy their stay at Google. Gilbert continues to state that someone who does find success at Google can roll with the punches, assimilate to different kinds of environments, someone who has worked in a manufacturing environment with diverse folks, a volunteer project, or even an entrepreneur would
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Unformatted text preview: excel at Google. From my research on Google, this is a premier job, with a full service cafeteria, quiet lounge, gym, 24 hour medical staff, dormitories; this is like a college/job. The dress code is basic- jeans, Birkenstocks, and your favorite old concert t-shirt, the attitude is competitive while remaining casual, Google is a place where your life is practically taken over, and commitment to the company is necessary. Gilbert does make it very clear that during the interview process if you haven’t asked about a million questions, you are exposing yourself because it shows you have not done your homework on the company, or there is a lack of depth in the candidate. Gilbert also notes that she receives roughly 1 million resumes each year, will interview roughly 10,000 people, and will only hire about 5,000 (hired in 2006)....
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