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Katie Johnson Review: John R. Miller, Slavery in 2004 , (Washington Post: 2004). John R. Miller’s article Slavery in 2004 , provides readers with a clear understanding that there is in fact modern-day slavery occurring throughout the world. One can really grasp what the thesis of the article is from his opening statement referring to human trafficking that “the threat of cutting U.S. aid has brought forth efforts that will free thousands from bondage.” This article is written to inform/educate the reader about modern day slavery and what the U.S. is doing about it. The intended audience for this article is everyone with conscience, a sense of right and wrong. The author uses his first-hand knowledge to make his point valid. His argument is derived from actually speaking with many victims of the slave trade to provide evidence of the slave trade industry. One case Miller uses in the article is the story of Maria from Vera Cruz, Mexico. She was tempted to come to America in hopes of
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