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Katie Johnson Final Essay Nov 29 th , 2007 Health care in the United States is too expensive. The skyrocketing price of prescription drugs, the damaged Medicare/hospice system, and how preventive drugs or procedures aren’t provided in any health care systems all play a big role on why the health care system needs to change. The United States of America spends two trillion on health care every year. Despite the fact that United States offers the best medical technology and scientific research in the world, the benefits of the American health care system comes at a price that a significant number of the population cannot afford. Contrasting to most the rest of the world, the United States is the only major industrialized nation that does not have government-run or subsidized universal health care. In the United States approximately 84% of citizens have health insurance. The average citizen acquires their insurance through their employer, purchasing it individually or by having it provided by government programs. The remaining percentage of the people who are without health insurance equates to about 47 million people. This in turn causes medical bills to become the most common reason for personal bankruptcy in the United States. The National Coalition on Health Care has found that “one in every four Americans say their family has had a problem paying for medical care during the past year,” which is up by 7 percent from over the past nine years. “Nearly 30 percent (of Americans) say someone in their family has delayed medical care in the past year,” which is a new high on recent polling. In the following text a brief survey of reasons for the high costs of health care will be reviewed.
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According to Blue Cross/Blue Shield, the number one reason behind the high cost of health care is due to the expense of prescription drugs. Over the past few years there has been an increased usage of prescription drugs. In 2004 Americans had 3.1 billion prescriptions filled, or more than ten prescriptions for each citizen. When there is an increase in demand there is an increase in cost. Due to the amount of each citizens need for prescription drugs, the cost for these products has skyrocketed. Also during the last
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final-health - Katie Johnson Final Essay Nov 29th, 2007...

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