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Katie Johnson Indonesia Research Paper 12/10/07 Indonesia is home to many various religions. It plays a big role in the citizens everyday lives and often incorporates music as well. In 1945 Sukarno, Indonesia’s founding president, established the Pancasila or Five Principles, to guide Indonesians. One of the principles is the belief in one superior god. There is a complete freedom of worship, but everyone is expected to believe in the existence of a God. Indonesia’s earliest inhabitants were animists. They believe that all natural objects possess souls. Currently Indonesia has four of the five great world religions-Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Christianity. Indonesia has absorbed all of these religions and each have interacted but never quite replaced the religion before it. But none of the religions have erased the original animistic beliefs and customs. Their religion plays an important role in everyday life as citizens. Everyone is required to practice a religion, at least on paper. All Indonesians carry identity cards that are similar to an American diver’s license. On the identity card the person must list what religion they belong to. Indonesia is the world’s largest Islamic nation with 88% of its 178 million people registered as Muslim. Islam was introduced to Indonesia by Arab and Malay traders in the ninth century. In the time period, Islam appealed to the masses because it taught the equality of humankind, unlike the practice of Hinduism. Islam is a way of life, a practical rather than simply a theoretical religion. Their religion is very much apart of their everyday lives as they follow the five central teachings of Islam: Shanhada - profession of faith, Salat - worship, Zakat - charity, Saum - fasting, and Ha j-pilgrimage. They faithfully
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listen to the loud speakered mosques call the prayer five times a day (at sunset, night, dawn, noon, and afternoon). Although the majority of Indonesians are Muslim, Indonesia is not an Islamic state. But unlike other Islamic states, Indonesian Muslims aren’t as conservative. For example, women in Indonesia are much freer than other women in Islamic countries. As they don’t wear facial veils, but colorful blouses that are figure flattering. Islam took hold in Java, it divided to suit three levels of society. Commoners
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indo - Katie Johnson Indonesia Research Paper Indonesia is...

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