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Review for Exam #2 COMM 1010 Exam #2 will consist of 42 objective questions (multiple choice, true/false, and matching each worth 4 points) and 1 essay question (worth 32 points and selected from three options). Bring a pencil to the exam . Sources of Research and how to determine credibility of a source Importance of evidence (supporting materials) and types of evidence Rhetoric & Argumentation (Intersections (I)- Ch. 2; Lecture Notes) Rhetoric Defined Historical Foundations- Sophists, Socrates, and Aristotle Dialectic Communication Style Inartistic and artistic proofs including ethos, pathos, and logos Mediated Communication (Human Communication (HC) Ch. 11; Lecture Notes) Mediated Communication and Mass Communication Defined Functions of Mass Media Cultivation Theory Media Literacy Computer-Mediated Communication- defined and types of CMC Interpersonal Mediated Communication: Social Processing Theory vs.
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Unformatted text preview: Hyperpersonal Theory Organizational Communication (HC Ch. 10 and I Ch. 4; Lecture Notes) Organizational Communication Defined Structuration Organizational Structures- Bureaucracy vs. Participatory Communication Networks- formal and informal; flow of communication Approaches to Leadership Conflict Management Styles Interpersonal/ Relational Communication (HC Ch. 6; Lecture Notes) Relationship Continuum Dialectical Theory- Basic Assumptions; 3 Dialectical Tensions and Response Strategies Commitment and Love Sternbergers Triangular Theory of Love Styles of Love Self-disclosure Performance and Communication (I Ch. 5; Lecture Notes) Performance Studies defined Text defined Performance in Everyday Life Relationship between Role and Self Role Playing vs. Role Taking Dual Perspective vs. Monitoring Narrative...
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