psy 105 lecture 15

psy 105 lecture 15 - Moral Development and Peers Overview...

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Moral Development and Peers March 4, 2008 Overview Piaget’s theory Kohlberg’s theory Moral vs. Conventional Rules Psychopathy as a developmental disorder Piaget Observations Interviews Who is naughtier, and why? John, who broke fifteen cups when coming in for his dinner, or Billy, who broke one cup trying to steal cookies? Piaget: Stages of moral reasoning 0-5 years Pre-moral period Morality based solely on outcomes 5-8 years Morality of Constraint Rules as “unchangeable givens” Outcomes still more important than intentions 8-10 years Transitional Period 11-12 years Autonomous Morality Rules as social agreements that can be changed Intentions are taken into consideration Challenges to Piaget Children younger than 6 DO have concern for rules. Intentions may have been less salient than outcomes in Piaget’s stories Good intention, bad outcome Bad intention, bad outcome Lawrence Kohlberg A woman is near death from a form of cancer. One drug that doctors thought might save her…. recently invented by a chemist in the same town. The chemist was charging $2000, ten times what the drug cost to make. Heinz, the woman’s husband, borrowed all he could, but had only $1000. He asked the chemist to sell him the drug cheaper because his wife was dying, & let him pay the rest later. The chemist refused, saying that he invented the drug and will make money from it. Heinz became desperate and broke into the store to steal the drug. Should Heinz have done that?
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psy 105 lecture 15 - Moral Development and Peers Overview...

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