Memorandum - Memorandum April 16, 2007 To: Alan Fine From:...

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Memorandum April 16, 2007 To: Alan Fine From: Thomas Thai RE: Entrepreneurial Research Project This paper contains highlights of my interview with Steve Schussler, a local entrepreneur in the restaurant industry. Steve’s background History of the business Challenges Steve has faced What I learned from the interview Steve’s Background Steve Schussler says he has always wanted to be an entrepreneur. A native of New York City, Steve loves the fast pace of life. When visiting him at his office this is very apparent. Well doing the interview with me he was answering both his office and cell phone, scheduling flights to Acapulco, checking bids on eBay and even reading financial reports. Steve says multitasking is just a necessary part of life. Steve used to work as a sales representative for several TV and radio stations in Miami, New York, and Chicago. He then decided it was time for him to move on and become his own boss. He opened Saturday Night Jukebox a restraint with a 50’s theme. This was successful at first but then flopped. Steve said that was really the toughest part of his life. Struggling with having to file chapter 7 bankruptcy was really a step back for him. Steve then decided to move into his current business. The Birth of Schussler Creative and the Rain Forest Café Steve is a very passionate and persistent individual and he shows it in every thing that he does. After falling on his face with Saturday Night Jukebox, Steve would not quit. He looked at the opportunity on the market and decided to move more into family orientated
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Memorandum - Memorandum April 16, 2007 To: Alan Fine From:...

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