Hw2 - Fast-food Cafeteria Product Order Type Project Line...

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Thomas Thai OMS 3001 Asoke Dey February 12, 2007 Chapter 4- Question 1 a) Project- Each patient that comes in has something different that they need done or checked. b) Line- It is the same process each time. There may be slight variances between which wash each car bought, but essentially it is the same process. c) Batch- When you are being educated you may take classes in different sets. You may take a bunch of language classes and then a bunch for your major and even then some filler classes. d) Continuous Flow- I think in many ways you are always studying for exams. You learn the material in class, and then you do the homework at home. You may also do some studying at the library, and you may even have a discussion with a friend about the material. e) Line- It is always the same steps you take when registering for classes. These steps are always in the same order. f) Continuous Flow- Power needs to be continuously flowing or we can’t do a lot of things. Power is continuous wave of energy. Chapter 4- Question 6 Expensive Restaurant
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Unformatted text preview: Fast-food Cafeteria Product Order Type Project Line Batch Flow of Product Varying Fairly Constant Scheduled Product Variety High Low Medium Market Type Custom- High end Mass Students and Faculty Volume Low High Medium Labor Skills High Low Low Task Type Routine- but varying Routine Routine Pay High Low Low Capital Investment High Lower Low Inventory Extensive Routine Routine Equipment High end Most efficient Low cost Objectives Flexibility High Low Low Cost High Low Low Quality High Low Low Delivery Longer Quick as possible prepared before hand Controls and Planning Production Control Difficult Easy Easy Inventory Control Difficult Easy Easy Chapter 7- Problem 2 a) The capacity is 800 an hour because it is a line process and the slowest part of the process can only process 800 envelopes an hour. b) The average throughput ratio .333. c) Increasing the number of checks that could be sorted would increase the throughput time because it is the bottle neck. Chapter 7- Problem 10...
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Hw2 - Fast-food Cafeteria Product Order Type Project Line...

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