In My Life Lesson 4

In My Life Lesson 4 - Rock and roll in it truest form is an...

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Rock and roll in it truest form is an art. Many artists are realey entertainers. The music industry has change over the last fifty years. The music industry is a revolving wheel of shaping and reflecting the public interest in music. I think music should have a lasting value, but I am also comfortable moving from style to style as the times change. As long as music has value, it can be appreciated. In it’s truest form rock and roll is one of the greatest art forms humanity has explored. They call them rock and roll artists for a reason. They have the power to move and inspire you with their words and rhythm. They can change our opinion and all while getting us out of our seats. Rock and roll is really like a louder form of poetry. Rock and roll has produced great poets like Jim Morrison of the Doors, Bob Dylan, John Lennon of The Beatles, and Tom Petty of Tom petty and the Heartbreakers. Rock and roll ha always been about freedom and the power of choice, and as long as the music continues to relay this message it will be consider rock and roll. I also think many of the first musician who are considered to be part of the birth of rock and roll were entertainers. Elvis Presley was one of the greatest entertainers of all time, but he was not an artist. With songs like “Hound Dog”, “Heartbreak Hotel”, and “Jailhouse Rock”, it is easy to see Elvis was just there to entertain. These songs are catchy and the there in not too much meaning behind them. Little Richard was also an entertainer with songs like “Tutti Frutti”, it is clear he is not really sing about anything
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In My Life Lesson 4 - Rock and roll in it truest form is an...

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