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Lesson 3 Come Together Essay

Lesson 3 Come Together Essay - Lesson 3 Come Together Essay...

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Lesson 3 Come Together Essay: Review of Ray From start to finish this movie has it all. This movie takes you through an emotional ride of one of music’s greatest artist. The late Ray Charles would be really proud of the representation of his life. Great music, great cinematography, and of the story of a great man; this movie inspires the human spirit and screams we can do anything. The story of an underdog that rises to the top and does the impossible gives us a great representation the story of America through most of the 20 th century. Ray Charles was a pioneer of his time and this film does a great job of showing all the new things he introduced to the world. His career spanned many decades and he was forced to continually reinvent himself. I think Ray Charles is one of the godfathers of modern R and B. The way he has combined every sort of music under the sun is truly a thing of beauty. He has given us so many new forms of music. It is no wonder Ray Charles has been so highly praised and recognized for so many awards. His music is cross generational and still speaks the youth of today. Even the hip hop artists recognize his talents as they use samples of his songs in their music.
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