Hist106 s06 Hay midterm2

Hist106 s06 Hay midterm2 - /, History 106 " Hafij...

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Unformatted text preview: /, History 106 " Hafij Spring 2006 a San Diego State University Mid-term 2 (c) Answer all questions in the spaces provided. If you need more room, or want to make notes or outlines, use the backs of the sheets. 1. What were the 5 industrial revolutions and why did they allow some countries to become stronger politically and militarily? Why and in what ways did the 1st of these take place in England? TM Waugh/10d Kevolud'iOflS on-Jfld Sum-Q. CW3 ’rb befmfi'mzizr genitalia and mmroxwlxj Wadi/158 M We Wedm WW“ Mal unnmm~m ‘( mm“ “4“” was the MOSY' macaw 018 W MOS? W‘j and We“! WOW ll W \9— womifian MS rmfifio‘s M wag on wad-er Maura-alt mm {90W Wt, «:-?W"‘\ 36mm. Th. - «new 62194:? gnrmn) and m u-S‘m 3‘” Womkcwx MS ‘Fnlrn 16100- Wax oc-a M C'Jncu'wCaA ir‘dUSWl-d {TVQJ thb M Q“ 613‘“ Mg anal m US. QLHA‘WC“ the. waffl- innevm Mm: EM (10T- agent Em‘k'mn_w AM WAS eflm \qtfio- b5;ng cm Avldghmipei’fb‘ Whu'ébic) (Plashdfi‘); and elimmas w'vlanj, LLS, 61rd japan W‘- W ( k'mow’r‘f’cl haw—ms. TLL/ Final trams—h :0"! fiaefihfi’hétfl is 10mm {490 ’29100’ 207’- WSKd or) WV 399%”? J diqx’t‘aA mrm-L..W m.a\({=w-:H caG' cwhwml and buwamcmsa. 1R9. us- .i‘(- «ks-2.. W \¢\ats,w‘li who WV: M.fi05¥ Rommel nahm.m awawh‘m 6&9? m Fnjlgvrxcal and M A wdpt W nafims 5-H“ Fellow. Tluuj W ‘l’haj’ fax—an ‘qdflssfim gas-auras.“ an m {JP—(“L hung hfl—QC’ “‘0' Wurd-‘E. ml wtmwzrcl '4,.{}br“" fs - 54314.00! (1130 W a mind Pmtlafich $3M?“ dust. #0 -m Assaflgfifmrm. as? epmtamcm «limes: C5 we! 79% Arkfl-(aficxn 9’?" W Enact has! fit )6}- OF lat/lei :fpfirn QM wabwfi acaar’t‘C’AxWVFJ Vi wer 5m]! Fart “3 (IL/ms fimqbafls in?!) lat?“ “‘93 H" Mlmol MWJWS WM lea-{T17- WS ’0'“ mu MAJ-"Ivf‘df'fly‘ii‘n ""‘F' 1120., games/Libs oF' ficflkzsslms 33 w:me L304 am {ML some. a rag m a L947!“ @669- a’? WOK- H" m?- stxfim’; fir 2. What were the the most important challenges to Europe’s 19th century balance of power system? How did this breakdown ultimately lead to World War I? Consider (at least) such developments as the rise of Germany, the British Empire, and the decline of the Ottoman Empire. \n m moor, rifle»! m he“ or waemfuxmn water—5 fined h 9V6 AWWL 0?“ w-fifi.fi meme, garamflmfl‘fi Moms. *1! W W\W we“; GM WW4: {LE/mg, Russia, Aush’im WPl'tfi—‘W emsm. 0% ch-F‘QQQ it: ms wane)» we: mm Whm ‘3“ WW- OYUL The old MERE; m3 giaWQQ. w‘ H“%- gracmw; we“; camping-a) W545 EECW a Mr'cfivi’ ‘h: “#9.... (man-«W 9? W W “'56 o? Whartj was UM»— mm V‘- W 'lqfix’CW'l-«j WC of‘ moat. Gemnr) eicX—zok a. series axe“- um . WW'MSSMDWOF I370 was imam“ and am ALF—ede ' W‘WS t«46x3 «a crazifin?a W M mztarfig QC— i¢5_.m* chzhl-Afira... Wmfin-r “MS SU—WC’W ‘5 he bum-w cs2. amt M3 “fir? mesa-aft: 0-1 €53“ “rm {9' W355 aqfirfi‘fiwfi \n‘rfir‘flfiéfinS +0 Wim ULAQ‘ ’t‘b WWI. mm m smash wpme mm mrfi’af ins-m3. baa-«names. we" M a“ V3 0; \ond an M fi‘to‘oa 0-3" Mf‘ Wlfh/h TN. mmtx Parmfat awash Ema— \no’uq amng m \ficiiq Md “39d M 5’0"“ "W: as m mach? m, 6&me Gwyn“ «be Ipdga-me’fihgh vine->1 v3 :26- Inolm wed PQ‘FQW"@CX E, {t— ms Emir-Sh flag {Wk-UL)- strum-n 95d mum wed t‘."€“-vf]1,.¢.§arm «mm. Eh’twfi M +61“ erIWfif' Wm“ Unknow W rm 1mm. Wad \%‘OD'§ wIHn Wsm- aka The“. \GESOI ‘AD Cr? «:‘um‘ffim‘t gig-mum was 0£‘.m{;5,13gM5/.wmn 6‘4th abfic,wd r6 firs had?” gag-3,30 teamed ta SWM Wmm ta'fi'r‘exekflfi and “I’M— WW“ WI mu. cod". TN. %~h mm W are; {jihth flaugm Hm Yang} Md awrwagrci up action“ mm 0%” S ‘1'an gamer firi‘tffljfl {M (“are we”?! whim 54'” WW»? 4:1: m writ-.3 Lac}, ("Dr Wakth mmgg o9 HHL. scam, 0‘ F”.er Wadi” k) WNI.. The O‘t'at‘Or—flfirx.a«?\?—&a was onWHo-CB W war-h m. 1 M gm WV retail-h: 92%;. (kr- “’(‘K—RJS‘ emer fimhxwmnhshcy H- Swti" m’r‘b WEE» dimer-mt" s‘w‘odfsadg whfli'“ u-m W GifiCuflfifl-fliflflt and 6m\fio<“ic~-M “3%- ‘M‘ “$93 “hi-W obs—$1.3 haw a «made.- it: we.“ of.“ 5%er Lita). 3. Describe how Russia went from being an old regime state under an autocratic tsar in the 131 years of the 19003 to a communist dictatorship in the 19205. \n W \q (Dig, Eusfila was an figcgolmm meavwerh Nimbus TECH“ SEC. U49 MSSx‘q Nd. MPH—Q, II?‘CJ%JS‘§'TWCZJ;SH $6M middm, m Mgi-fiq Qqu Th5 muj WM? flai- In order W “3’5”:- % {Wfl‘gfl fii'n*’i;‘-’*'-.£.. czmfi Vm-htai Mosuaes MHS‘I' H: mmfl TN. MOS 1m {apt-sz Mom. amfir due. «‘5 Head S\‘=QEA3W:S “‘3‘ 4?” 1—3” gene m N3 Armj ma! poll‘éfl» 5*” fl qu“='d#1-¥ij éfldid d. Rum arm‘s, 1K9, Vuwfi- was mad «m3 meg-h an. imme Cmrxmmfi' gm? CMLQCj Ea'bigy‘uiUikS‘ (Emma ?\'\4\¢&>}_\a~¢— «and Mammfi-TPQ—w eo\s‘rx.9M¢.-'n mam-ed a mam-01mm h ¥""Wp<n Wand? Capfifif ISM w“ m 2% I151” smifl. rma—swj ; Lama's cmm-e-ee.xv~r+s W fiiw gfihrér’ a e- Ma‘ifi MG ‘55?! aha-“x w—«--:.::»! m Weaniuzud Was-«Joude 5r / Wm M Sagea‘g_fsmr~ fisfim had 'maflm qwgtLd PW fifiifw Vim?“ w +0 Fowl filmwfmgaa M4: am mars-“‘5 kw! vim-"w: w“"~"="'~*) m Hm! n break é-‘i’v‘f‘ “W "17“ TW. "q n: ’fl and :- ‘WW W'*’-"*”’ m “5+5 “$3; T:: 31:33:; :2! I ! mm; 044? ' — u». w “V v ' w‘ 6%? CAN” P” Wm‘gm \ A 1W? 4 w: :r‘” Fm“ a. Efiw’gfi‘m unify (IJ!€S\ fir“ {iii} Lafafifi C {EC H k I I Keré‘mf'kcj W. over Md 9M exam.“ \mn UJW'S hr “‘71. bM‘gfiM‘f' mg. ern'... mgk‘rm mz‘r 6'5. he“ was K'MISvfl {N'Grvilz‘w} 1% Heb («aw luflefifl a TFDI' barf!“ N (w 4‘1» 51)» In 'N 3 Wm “ca-few gr {3 h 921%: mij . .. , ‘ K, . , _. a I'ué..1-r,-r-;‘:ei:#' i if: m SW’ “W flee..st fix tar cw. .‘r with“! 33 l * ins-hwh Len-n och-rd «emu, e; Jr; «fool:- over M ?0m «a: and “Deb Eu --+- wwI: A am! W gig-3L3 crew” ‘ " - v - H ‘ xsirfif-‘S’ WWW“ 411% “Wk {Fiji-3% SLAg’Kaw-w : we) (:21 x if {K kfififif‘gfim if?” {we 5:, E 5 .‘ 5 ~_ {KL-Fix F drag“ “ixfiifffi’ffy‘iyfl W: m um“ VJ” he“?! «a; We» a» 6;?» {3' 1955+ gym” mafi- m w‘FCaI "1'5 fur I Med M: émwihg’.TV-o'\'s\cq Mamile a} Mo! Lama-l 4M, ‘ ...
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Hist106 s06 Hay midterm2 - /, History 106 &amp;quot; Hafij...

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