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Chapter 1- Discussion Question 5 a. A college Library A library is there to provide the resources necessary for students and faculty to pursue educational goals. Libraries offer books, magazine and electronic resources for people who are in search of information. College Libraries may also offer a more specific area of information; such as a biomedical library or a law library. Quality- A library must ensure it is distributing quality information and not propaganda. It must also have employees capable of find that information. The books must also be in the correct spots so patrons can check them out. The employees should be friendly and courteous. The environment should be clean and quiet so people can read or study. Process- Libraries must make sure the books are flowing. They have to make sure people are checking out books, as well as making sure those books are coming back. Libraries must also coordinate book sharing between other libraries. Another essential part of the process is bringing in new books and resources. Inventory- Inventory management in a library may include bringing in new books to keep patrons happy. Inventory management also includes tracking of books and other resources to make sure they are coming back. Libraries must also know which books to buy. They need more of the books that are checked out frequently. Capacity- Libraries are in a constant battle with capacity management. Books and other resources are continually coming out. They need to make sure they have room for all these resources. It is a process of getting rod of the books that are not being checked out and archiving materials that may be requested by patrons in the future. This may include converting some resources to electronic resources. b. A Hotel A hotel’s purpose is to provide shelter and service to the customers who need a place to stay. Hotels offer a bed, a hot shower, and a variety of other amenities. Hotels are there to provide a home away from home. Some may even offer you a goldfish rental to keep you company for when you are feeling homesick. Quality- With so many different hotels out there, each must compete in quality of their products. They must provide quality customer service. They must make sure the rooms and other the rest of the facilities are clean and appealing. Hotels also want to offer useful amenities to help there customer feel more at home. The price must really
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hw 1 - Chapter 1- Discussion Question 5 a. A college...

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