Chapter 12 Q&A - Chapter 12 1. Curtis and Martin...

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Chapter 12 1. Curtis and Martin have been friends for seven years. After both people accepted jobs in different parts of the state, they called and e-mailed one another less until the relationship ultimately dwindled. Which aspect of the relationship best explains the reason relationship's termination? a. Relationships involve risks. b. These two people were not meant to be friends. c. Relationships require effort to succeed. d. Successful relationships require maximum self-disclosure. 2. Jacque and Martha are friends who live across town. Jacque always seems to be the person to initiate communication. When Jacque decided to let Martha contact her, the phone call never came. What relational principle is negatively affecting Jacque and Martha's relationship? a. Relationships involve risks. b. Relationships occur naturally, so these friends were unsuited to each other. c. Relationships involve self-disclosure. d. All participants have obligations to contribute productively. 3. Abdul has a co-worker he trusts, and Abdul likes to tell new ideas to the co-worker. Often the co-worker gives specific critiques, but the critiques usually help Abdul perfect his ideas. What support system has Abdul built with his co-worker? a. Emotional support b. Technical challenge c. Emotional challenge d. Social validation
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4. Missy has decided to become debt free for life. Instead of signing a loan on a car like most of her friends, she has decided to save money. Most of her friends joke about her "cheapness" except for Squiggy, who is also taking the same philosophy. They often discuss their goals and dreams. What support system do Missy and Squiggy have? a. Emotional support b. Emotional challenge c. Technical support d. Social validation 5. Ashley has been teaching high school for 28 years. While she has always liked teaching high school, most people don't know she has always wanted to be a lawyer. In what part of the Johari Window does this information reside? a. Open self
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Chapter 12 Q&A - Chapter 12 1. Curtis and Martin...

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