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Chapter 1 Q&A - Chapter 1 1 To say that human...

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Chapter 1 1. To say that human communication is a process indicates that a. Its components are interdependent. b. It can alter intentionally or unintentionally. c. It is ongoing. d. All of the above 2. Which of the following statements best describes the definition of communication? 3. Human communication is considered dynamic because: a. Humans often talk expressively. b. Communication covers a broad spectrum of ideals. c. Communication is intense, often involving several components of meaning. d. Communication changes over time and is interpreted differently depending on the circumstances.
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4. Jake calls his best friend Andy a fool on a regular basis. Instead of Andy responding by punching Jake, Andy laughs. Andy is placing the more weight on what meaning? 5. This meaning is primarily concerned with the literal, factual content of language or symbols:
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