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Chapter 13 Q&A - Chapter 13 1 Small talk or...

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Chapter 13 1. Small talk or pleasantries during the beginning of a conversation is known as: a. Feedforward b. Phatic communication c. Altercasting d. Cooperative principle 2. John comes home from work and sees his roommate, Josh. Without greeting Josh, John walks in, sits down, and starts talking about his day. What part of a conversation did John skip? a. Feedback b. Cooperative principle c. Stroking d. Phatic communication 3. Which of the following is the correct order of a conversation? a. Opening ? Focus ? Feedforward ? Feedback ? Closing b. Opening ? Feedback ? Focus ? Feedforward ? Closing c. Opening ? Feedforward ? Focus ? Feedback ? Closing d. Opening ? Feedforward ? Feedback ? Focus ? Closing 4. What stage of a conversation sets boundaries and guidelines for the conversation?
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a. Opening b. Feedforward c. Focus d. Feedback 5. Chris says, "I'm just a first-year med student, but I'm pretty sure you have the flu virus." What type of statement did Chris use? 6. Parents often give their children instructions and advice, and the parents expect the kids to listen and follow the directions. What is this scenario an example of?
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