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hist2023 IDs - History 2023 Study Guide of Terms 1 Dreyfus...

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History 2023 Study Guide of Terms 1) Dreyfus Affair September 1894 in France, Dreyfus was accused of treason and sentenced to death, later released. Showed that anti- Semitism could occur anywhere (France was the first to treat Jews as citizens) 2) 1 st Arab-Israel War May 15, 1948-July 1949, Israel defended troops from all surrounding countries, Israel won because they could not afford to loose, A truce = Israel now controlled 80% of old Palestine and half of Jerusalem (everything but Gaza Strip and West Bank) 3) Suez Incident (2 nd A-I War) 1956, Br/Fr/Israel v. Nasser (Egypt) It was a plan to take back the Suez Canal and get rid of Nasser. The US decided to stay out and the SU sided with Nasser. America had a chance to damage terrorism and help Europe but we failed to do so 4) PLO/Al Fattah PLO = Nasser, Al Fattah = Yasser Arafat (they later combined as the PLO under Arafat) Anti-Israel forces. They staged guerilla warfare from the Gaza Strip and West Bank. Sometimes found it difficult to operate due to Israeli control of land 5) The 6 Day War June 1967, a great military victory for Israel. They now controlled all of Old Palestine. Problem: There are more Palestinians than Israelis 6) UN Resolution 242November 1967, Israel should give back land won in the 6 day war and Arabian countries should make peace with Israel and recognize them as a country (land for peace) Israel did not agree and Arabian countries did not want to negotiate face to face (shuttle diplomacy) Israel has more enemies than friends (Arabians and allies that want them to give back land for peace) 7) El-Sadat Leader of Egypt after Nasser; wanted to be the first Arabian country to defeat Israel. Yam Kippur War 8) Yam Kippur War October 1973, Sadat launched an attack on Israel, fought to a draw (first time an Arabian state has fought to a draw with Israel) Sadat later negotiated for peace (war was not the way to peace)
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9) Camp David Accords September 1977, Carter invited Israeli and Egyptian Leaders to Camp David to sign a peace treaty. First
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