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History 2023 notes

History 2023 notes - History 2023 the world after 1960 Mr...

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History 2023- the world after 1960 Mr. Martin 8/25/05 - JFK -1952 = he had served 6 years as a representative in the House of Representatives - was a war hero everyone loved him - eldest son (now) of Kennedy family -1952 = ran for Senate - Joseph McCarthy - blamed everything on communism o never found any of the real communists corrupting the government though - always drunk and hostile - 1952 = JFK refused to say anything against McCarthy b/c even though he objected to McCarthy, his brother Robert was a staff attorney to McCarthy and his dad was a big supporter of the man too - 1952 = JFK won the election to the senate, but then he got sick again - Dec. 1954 o Senate censured Joseph McCarthy for his actions formally big deal o JFK was in Florida getting healthy and he refused to say which way he would have voted in the matter against McCarthy not courageous - while JFK was sick, he wrote a book o published in 1956 o Profiles in Courage o About members of the House of Representatives who had ruined their careers by taking stands on certain principles JFK had failed his own test when he didn’t stand up about the McCarthy issue o won the Pulitzer prize for history, best seller - 1955- on = JFK was an increasingly important democrat in the country o smart, well-spoken, very charismatic, cute - 1956 = JFK was seriously considered for the Vice President position o only 39 years old o didn’t get it glad not to get it b/c he knew Eisenhower would be re- elected b/c everyone loved him - JFK concentrated on the 1960 election b/c no incumbent president (Ike couldn’t run again so he had a chance) o Young face after 8 years of an old face o Youth and vigor was a great contrast to his opponent Eisenhower who was old and kept having heart attacks o Only problem = JFK was roman catholic, and no president had ever been that before
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The only other time that a roman catholic had run for president was in 1928 and it was a disaster to the democratic party - JFK made clear that religion wouldn’t influence his decisions o Made a super important speech at the National Baptist Convention great b/c he not only the speech, but he gave it to the people who really were worried about it, etc. - Summer of 1960 = JFK won the Democratic nomination for president - July 15, 1960 = JFK accepted the nomination o Gave the “New Frontier” speech - Republican representative = Richard Millhouse Nixon o Had served as vice president under Eisenhower o Eisenhower didn’t like Nixon that much When asked why people should vote for Nixon, Eisenhower told the reporter: “If you give me a little while, I’ll come up with a reason” - JFK and Nixon had an interesting past together o Both had entered into politics as very young members of the house of representatives in 1947 -1952 Both of them saw something spectacular in the other person thought they would run against each other for president years from then They would take the train to various places around the
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History 2023 notes - History 2023 the world after 1960 Mr...

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