Iraq - Since the United States began its military...

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Unformatted text preview: Since the United States began its military operations in Iraq on March 20 th , 2003 there have been according to Wikipedia a total of 2,390 United States military deaths that is only 205 less than were killed in the Twin Towers. With so many graves filled and so many folded flags delivered to the family they left behind has this war been worth it all? The short answer is no. From the beginning this war has been waged under false pretenses for illicit ends that were never fully pursued and as a result the United States has seen the destruction of one country and a mounting bill. While the war was at first pitched to the domestic and international communities as a continuation of the war on terror and a quest to keep a radical despot from acquiring and using weapons of mass destruction especially nuclear bombs, it recently has come to light that that story was most likely intentionally false. According to the BBC program NewsNight president Bush with in weeks of taking office began to plan the war in Iraq the rational for the war was not terrorism, or WMD, or even humanitarian intervention but instead it was for the Iraqi oil fields says Greg Palast from Newsnight . Palast reported that there were to plans for the use of the Iraqi oil fields, one from the Oil companies and one from the neoconservatives. Going into the war the neoconservative plan to sell off all off the oil fields in Iraq and then drastically increase national production rate of oil in an effort to flood the global market with oil and break up the OPEC cartel. However when the United States appointed former head of Shell Oil corporation, Phillip Carroll head of all Iraqi oil a month after the invasion that plan was suddenly scrapped in favor of the one headed by oil companies in which Iraqi oil fields would not be sold off because the oil companies did not want to see OPEC harmed or gas prices decreased. While all these plans sound impressive certainly they would have all amounted to nothing if the president had not been able to legitimize the war domestically and at least partially abroad. To this end president Bush met with Tony Blair the prime minister of the UK on January 31, 2003 about ways they could legitimize the war....
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Iraq - Since the United States began its military...

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