Rise of Faith

Rise of Faith - The Rise of Faith From the beginnings of...

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The Rise of Faith From the beginnings of humanity some form of religion has been a part of human life. Every major civilization until recently has had a religion. Often in college and life people can be found arguing the existence of a deity. However the more important question still usually remains unasked: what is the cause of religion in society? The existence of religion in society is because of many things from political reasons to a desire to explain the unexplainable events that occur in life all of which went together to form religion into the functional unit that it is today what it is today. One of the most important aspects of early human religion was that it provided the means to make since of an otherwise scary and chaotic world. In that time there was far less scientific advancement and the nation’s economies ended to be more vulnerable to natural events due to their low development levels. This made the lives of the average person more precarious and uncertain which in turn created a need to explain those forces that had the potential to adversely affect their lives such as weather patterns, plagues, and organisms like locusts that could devour crops. Given that they possessed such a low level of scientific development in the ancient time it is very understandable why people resorted to the creation of various deities that could “control” these forces so they could
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Rise of Faith - The Rise of Faith From the beginnings of...

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