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Unformatted text preview: HIST2023-1 Sunday, October 30, 2005 12:48 AM HISTORY 2023 Command structure of Nato - Truman doctrine (1947) - if a country suffers internal communist subversion, the US will give aid to those. George C. Marshall - itll be cheaper to spend money rather than let them fall to communism. J stalin Eisenhower: Strategic Air Command ( Gen Lamay) ICBM Soviet 1st Bf this the greatest threat wa that war might breakout in Europe, now war might be on US soil Brushfire war Vietnam JFK (1961-1963) Soviet & US cam closest to war Self made prominent Irish American family His dad made money w/ stocks right b/f the crash J McCarthy accused people of comm. He did not find any When it came down to it JFK did not answer (McCarthys questioning, his dad was a McCarthy suppoter) Dec. of 1974 McCarthy was sensured by his peers. JFK was sick in FL he would not say how he would have voted. At this time he wrote profile in courage made him famous. Won him a pulizer in history. After 1955 on. He was smart, spoke very well (unusual) & had charisma. 1956 he was seriously considered for vice pres. Nomination (@ 39) He concentrated for 1960 instead b/c of no invumbent. His only problem, he was Roman-Catholic ( 1st ever). He made clear that his poli dec. was not influenced by religion. In the 1960 primaries he ran a tough campaign, won the nomination. 1960 15th July acceptance speech - defined who he was, called the new frontier speech. September 06, 2005 Recap: after the cold war had cooled down for a bit, it began to heatup again after the U2 incident, the botched invasion of Cuba, Bay of Pigs, followed, by the summit meeting w/ Krushchev. The summer of 1961 Krushchev built the wall. At the same time he began the above ground nuclear testing. All of which was designed to test Am. Nerves, a side affect resulted in the govt promoting the building of fall out shelter at homes & backyards. The culmination of all this was called the missiles of October. Krushchev brought missiles to Cuba. Today we would call this a regime change. The Soviet stance was to protect Cuba. He built 24 MRBM (1k mi), 16 IRBM (2k mi), therefore every city except Seattle would be in range. The US was deeply suspicious of the Soviet and CIA. On the 13th September 1962, he read a brief statement. It was to Krushchev. This country will do whatever we may want..added I would hope that the future would show that the only people that are only talking are those who are not in charge. 6 days later the CIA passed along its judgment in a meeting w/ the president, they said that the Soviet will not install missiles in Cuba. The missiles were already there....
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HIST2023-1 - HIST2023-1 Sunday, October 30, 2005 12:48 AM...

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