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notes April 28 - History 47 The Republic of Virtue I...

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History 47 April 28, 2008 The Republic of Virtue I. Revolutionary Government a. Theory b. Practice c. Robespierre i. Would be extra constitutional ii. Legitimate because for general interest iii. Establish Republic and Constitution of the Republic 1. The government should work more “vigorously” and enjoy greater freedom of movement than ordinary government iv. In Revolution the establishment of new government needs revolution and terror 1. “Terror is nothing other than justice…and emanation of virtue” 2. Despotism of liberty against tyranny 3. Use terror to force Frenchmen to be free and to force them to conform to the general will a. Believed survival of the people was at stake d. Committee of public safety i. Establish self as ultimate sovereign power ii. April 16, 1793 1. Convention created Committee of Public Safety 2. First real government since the collapse of the real monarchy 3. Want to establish an ideal Republic of Virtue 4. Based on a theory of revolutionary government iii. On the Social Contract Book 4 Chapter 6 “On Dictatorship” iv. Crisis of 1793 1. Re-write the constitution a. Original one was written in 1789 and took 2 years b. Took 5 days to re-write c. More of a propaganda document d. Most democratic document anyone had seen e. More than double length of original f. Universal suffrage g. Initiative and referendum privilege h. Please the city i. Poor relief j. Education k. Extended freedom of expression and religion l. Right of assembly v. Want support of street level militants
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vi. Sept 4-5 1. Vote taken a. Creation of Revolutionary Army b. General maximum i. Max prices for goods 1. Food, clothes, other goods 2. Price of 1790 + (1/3) 3. Wages of 1790 +(1/2) c. Against racketeering vii. Sept 17 1. Law of Suspects a. Permitted the detention of vaguely defined categories of people i. People denied good citizenship 1. Ex-nobles, members of old regime, etc 2. Could be detained 2. Suppress counter revolution a. Use national guard b. retake Lyon in December 1793 i. Palmer chapter 7 c. mass exections of rebels i. 800 people d. first time Napoleon shows up i. in charge of artillery
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notes April 28 - History 47 The Republic of Virtue I...

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