May 2 - May 2, 2008 History 47 notes The Revolution and...

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Unformatted text preview: May 2, 2008 History 47 notes The Revolution and Race Revolution in the Caribbean Rousseau, On the Social Contract, Book 1 Largely intended to compare in readers minds slaves to the states of subjects in absolute monarchy Can be read as condemnations of slavery Colony that became the Colony of Haiti First sovereign Black state that became recognized by the Europeans Be Free and Citizens! French duty to empancipate the world Carried to the Carribean Did impliment the Declaration of the Rights on Man Refused to apply it to non-whites Race and Revolution France and Saint Domingue Colonial Society in the 18 th Century Enter the Revolution The Haitian Revolution Toussaint LOuverture Sonthonax and the Convention The New Regime Napoleons Response Haitian Independence January 1, 1804 Saint Domingue Became republic of Haiti Was a trading and provisioning base for the Spanish Fleet On the French half of the island it was a settler and plantaion colony Most profitable of French colonies Cash ctrops Coffee, sugar, indigo Grown by slaves Imported to Saint Domingue directly from Africa Pictures of the French side hardly depicted any slavery and exploitation Cover for how wealth was being produced Population in 1780s 525000 divided Race Freedom Wealth Categories of people Grands Blancs= Big Whites Free and wealthy Big plantaion owners Petits Blancs= Little Whites White and free Less wealthy Emplyed by big whites as overseers of plantations Shop keeprs and sailors Gens de Couleur= free people of color In competition with the Little Whites for economic status Overseers, agents, artisan shopkeepers Not white but free Sometimes very wealthy Some were plantation owners Black Law Code Free Blacks had French citizenship Same status as whites But law and practice actually discriminated against them Special law codes on punishment Fine vs. loss of hand Slaves Not white, not free, propetyless Death rate out did the birth rate Population could only grow though importaion...
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May 2 - May 2, 2008 History 47 notes The Revolution and...

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