May 2 - May 2, 2008 History 54 notes Anna and appointment...

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May 2, 2008 History 54 notes Anna and appointment of 2 month old Ivan Anna was overthrown by Peter’s daughter Elizabeth with the support of the guards and the French ambassador who wanted an alliance with Russia Gave financial support as well Next came Catherine II Result of a Coup Led to the assassination of Elizabeth’s son Peter II Elizabeth would rule for 20 years Different personality from father Beautiful, charming, well-liked, and unlike father she was indolent and pleasure loving Rootenized and rationalized his administration and redid the Senate Abolished supreme privy councils/cabinet rules Made a lot of cultural efforts Show Europe that Russia was a cultural country and not barbarian and savage Founded Moscow University Became premier university of the Russian empire and USSR Founded cadet schools for the sons of the nobility Built up St. Petersburg in the imperial image Construction of great palaces by Italian architects and directions Imperial classical style So that Russia would join the rest of Europe as a power Vision of imperial power was vision of gentle and loving tsar Secularized under her Good, gentle tsar Good gentle woman that would bring happiness to people and have it in her private life Economic policy Continued to build up industry and entrepreneurship Custom, duties, and fees abolished Industrial development along Peter’s line Wars 7 Years War Led to a short occupation of Berlin- the capitol of imperial Prussia with Fredrik II Was saved by Elizabeth’s death Peter of Holstein was left as his heir Anna’s son
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Sent off to the Russian court Hated everything Russian Religion and customs Showed his hate for everything Russia Led to him being strangled Successor was his wife Catherine Knew had to project self as very Russian July 1862 Someone came in a carriage and disappeared in the imperial barracks Drums went off Priest came out Woman came out of the carriage- about 30 years old Proclaimed Empress of all Russia Husband was Peter II Was strangled Age of Great Catherine Preoccupation with Catherine’s Rule Ruled for a long time 34 years It was in her rule that culture and artistic life really took off in Russia Military and diplomatic achievements Expansion of Empire Polish partition Conquest of Crimea And more Overshadowed other achievements Criticism Only came around 1979 Contradictions in policy and rhetoric and what she really achieved
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May 2 - May 2, 2008 History 54 notes Anna and appointment...

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