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Injury Care Evaluation - Justin Trahan Injury Care...

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Justin Trahan November 28, 2006 Injury Care Evaluation I chose to write my evaluation of injury care and prevention over the Sam Houston vs. SFA game that was at SFA. During the pre-game most of the players were just going through the normal pre-game routine doing some mild stretching, calastinics, and some individual position warm up drills. Along with methods of proper hydration which are usually not so obvious to notice to the fan, because most of this happens in the locker room and the night before the game. Throughout this game there were very few injuries which occurred which is great, but this does not occur much in football. The majority of injury timeouts that were taken were do to cramping. I would say there were probably close to 10 guys who had to come out at some time or another because of cramps. For this the training staff would give extensive amounts of stretching to the muscle of the athlete where he was experiencing the heat cramps, and while all this stretching was in process the athlete was chugging down water in attempt to re-hydrate,
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Injury Care Evaluation - Justin Trahan Injury Care...

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