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Motor Learning Summary

Motor Learning Summary - The animals were trained in random...

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Justin Trahan Motor Learning Summary In the attached article they discuss some results that occurred after running a series of test and experiments on adult rats with the task of motor skill learning. It was discovered that when motor learning takes place it is actually quite a detailed change that occurs when motor skills are learned. In this article it showed that in association with motor learning changes occur in the synapse number as well as changes in the expression of the Fos protein all occur within the motor cortex. This was shown after measuring of the motor cortex following some training on a complex motor learning task.
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Unformatted text preview: The animals were trained in random conditions ranging from acrobatic condition, a motor controlled condition, or an inactive control condition, bringing different results from each method of the training conditions. Data collected from these animals after going through different training conditions suggest that Fos may be involved in the biomechanical processes underlying skill acquisition and that motor learning, as opposed to motor activity, leads to increases in synapse number in the motor cortex....
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