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Knes Final - Jason Jee Knes 260 Final Physical Activity...

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Jason Jee Knes 260 Final Physical Activity Recommendations Types: Speed, Strength, Power Skill, Endurance Maximal Oxygen uptake: Skiers, runners, skaters, cyclers, rowers, weight lifters, sedentary Principles of Training: Overload, Specificity, Reversibility F- Frequency, I- Intensity, T- Type, T- Time (duration) Absolute work rates- running, swimming, cycling, walking at the same speed V02 max- the maximum capacity to transport and utilize oxygen during incremental exercise Relative work rates- different speeds at the same v02 max. Maximal Heart Rate: 220- Age, Karvonen- Desired Heart rate= Intensity*(Max- Resting)= RHR 1995 Physical Activity ACSM- Moderate to hard intensity, Most-all days, > 30 minutes Hickson et al: 8 sedentary, 10 weeks of training, goes from 37 vo2 max to 55 vo2 max Seals et al: 24 M and F, 6 months of 40% HR, 6 months of 60% HR, Average 30% increase Hagberg et al: 6 months of exercise training, 47 sedentary 70-79, v02 max measured after 3 and 6 months. Endurance training v02max 16% in 3 months and 22% in 6 months Paffenbarger, Lee and Heish: Harvard Alumni more physical activity less chance of death Blair and coworkers: men that are physically fit are less likely to die then unfit men. Erikkson: Even small improvements in physical fitness significantly reduces death. Effect of Physical Activity on Plasma Lipid Levels Cholesterol decreases by 10, HDL increases by 5, LDL decrease by 10, Triglyceride decreases if initially high HDL-C levls in older runners 66, Older Untrained Lean- 45, Older untrained obese 42 Effect of Physical Activity on High Blood pressure and LVH Systolic and diastolic pressure went down 10 points with exercise. Hagberg et al: 60-69 sedentary M&F, 50% and 70 % in vo2 max; shows evidence that low intensity training lowers BP more in older hypertensives then higher intensity. Roman et al: Stage 2 hypertensive, after 3 months of LI decreased and then 12 months of LI and
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Knes Final - Jason Jee Knes 260 Final Physical Activity...

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