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Pscy230 f07 Exam3practiceQues - Some Practice Questions for...

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Some Practice Questions for Exam 3 (In addition, exam questions will also be taken from Quiz questions: chapters 11-14. Research on body proportions demonstrates that: a. boys are taller and heavier than girls throughout adolescence b. adolescents’ shoulders broaden relative to their hips c. the proximodistal trend reverses during puberty d. the cephalocaudal trend conitnues during puberty The literature on the role of physical attractiveness in adolescence shows that: a. late maturing boys are more satisfied with their body image than on-time and early maturing boys b. early maturing girls tend to have a positive body image c. the majority of adolescent girls want to be thinner d. early maturing boys tend to be at less risk than late maturing boys for delinquency. The most common nutritional problem of adolescence is: a. Obesity b. Bulimia c. Iron deficiency d. Anorexia __________ is the strongest predictor of the onset of an eating disorder in adolescence a. Frequent, severe dieting b. Obesity c. Low self-worth d. Skipping breakfast In countries with strict gun regulations, including the prohibition of handguns, the firearm death rate among 15- to 19-year-olds is _____ times lower than in the United States. a. 2 b. 16 c. 5 d. 8 Studies of adolescent pregnancy prevention suggest that: a. sex education in schools increases rates of early sex b. distributing condoms in schools would increase rates of adolescent sexual activity. c. sex education courses are often given too early. d. distributing condoms in schools would decrease rates of adolescent childbirth and abortion.
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Adrenal androgens a. are not present in girls b. affect primary sex characteristics in boys c. influence girls’ growth spurt d. have a greater impact on boys than girls An example of a primary sexual characteristic would be: a. the uterus. b. breast development in females. c. the appearance of underarm hair. d. the appearance of pubic hair. Jenni is anorexic. She will most likely reach menarche a. earlier than other girls. b. at the same time as other girls. c. later than other girls her age. d. earlier than obese girls. The pubertal growth spurt takes place on the average ___________________. a. two years earlier for girls than boys b. two years earlier for boys than girls c. at the same time for boys and girls d. 3-6 months earlier for girls than boys The fact that pre-adolescents experience a growth in leg length before a torso growth spurt suggests: a. development consistent with the cephalocaudal trend. b. development consistent with the proximodistal trend. c. an exception to the cephalocaudal trend. d. an exception to the proximodistal trend. Whereas _______________ and ________________ proposed a biological explanation for the notion of upheaval during adolescence, ______________________explained it as a result of social or cultural attitudes toward sexuality. a.
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Pscy230 f07 Exam3practiceQues - Some Practice Questions for...

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