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Geog Mid term - Geography Review Why people move...

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Why people move Migration (Migrants)-process of relocation, not always voluntary. Company relocation, lack of jobs, no one puts a gun to your head and makes you go though. They want to and choose to move Refugee-People that are forced by dire , immediate necessity to move. First migration of our species was when we were. forced out of Africa by a changing climate. Causes can be environmental (migration out of Ireland due to starvation) Hurricanes, floods can make refugees. Southeast and rest of Africa, southeast Asia , near east, Palestine, ideologies, wars, overpopulation (Bangledesh), economic (central America) Usually results in tremendous dislocation. Water Vapor is the chief greenhouse gas, not CO2. Glaciers melting can make areas by North Pole ok for farming, but the southern part of the world would be fucked. One constant about the planet is it changes MIDTERM STUFF ESSAY QUESTIONS 25% of Test. Only answer 2 of them 1.brielfy discuss what geographers mean by the site and situation of a place. The site of a city is an absolute location, often chosen for the best trade location, the best defensive location, or an important religious location. The situation of a city is its relative location, its place in the region and the world around it. or its absolute and relative location. We talked about Chicago Relative location can change while absolute doesn’t. The relative location of a place describes the place in relation to other human and physical features. Absolute locations do not change, but relative locations are constantly modified and change over time. Absolute locations are determined by a frame of reference, usually defined by
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Geog Mid term - Geography Review Why people move...

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