How can air pollution hurt my health

Dont use your wood stove or fireplace on days with

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Unformatted text preview: fireplace on days with unhealthy air. 39. Avoid using leaf blowers and other types of equipment that raise a lot of dust. Use a rake or broom instead. 40. Drive slowly on unpaved roads. 41. Drive less, particularly on days with unhealthy air. 42. Avoid vigorous physical activity on days with unhealthy air. Know The Inside Story Air pollution is a problem indoors and out. Most people spend at least 80 percent of their lives indoors. Here are some ways you can reduce pollution in your home, office or school: 43. Don't smoke. Send smokers outside. 44. Products such as cleaning agents, paints, and glues often contain harmful chemicals. Use them outdoors or with plenty of ventilation indoors. 45. Use safer products, such as baking soda instead of harsher chemical cleaners. 46. Don't heat your home with a gas cooking stove. 47. Have your gas appliances and heater regularly inspected and maintained. 48. Clean frequently to remove dust and molds. Visit the EPA's Indoor Air Quality Home Page for more information. Speak Up For Clean Air Do what you can to reduce air pollution. It will make a difference. Use your civic influence to improve regional and national air pollution standards: 49. Write to your local newspaper. Support action for healthy air. 50. Let your elected representative know you support action for clean air....
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