How can air pollution hurt my health

Step2 if you must drive your car try to do all your

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Unformatted text preview: must drive your car, try to do all your errands at one time, one after the other. Step3 Refuel your car in the evening instead of during the day, when heat allows emissions in the air and from gas to form ground-level ozone. Step4 Avoid spilling gas. Step5 Keep your car in good condition. Step6 Look for merchants who provide delivery services to help reduce car use. Step7 Campaign to have your company or office provide a cafeteria or catering service (if it doesn't already have one) so that you don't have to drive from the workplace to eat lunch. Step8 Avoid purchasing products that come in aerosol spray cans; try solid, gel and liquid forms instead. Step9 Use gas-powered lawn tools as little as possible. Step10 Use water-based paints instead of oil and varnishes. Step11 Avoid using lighter fluid when barbecuing. Instead, use an electric or chimney briquette starter. 50 Tips To Prevent Air Pollution Things You Can Do For Cleaner Air Drive Less, Drive Smart About half of the air pollution comes from cars and trucks. Two important ways to reduce air pollution are to drive less even a little less and to drive smart. Taking fewer trips in your car or truck helps cut air pollution. And adopting smart driving habits reduces your car's emissions. Driving less doesn't mean you have to stay home. Try combining driving with alternative modes of transportation: 1. Carpool. 2. Walk or ride a bicycle. 3. Shop by phone or mail. 4. Ride public transit. 5. Telecommute. Driving smart keeps pollution at a minimum. * 6. Accelerate gradually. 7. Use cruise control on the highway. 8. Obey the speed limit. 9. Combine your errands into one trip. 10. Keep your car tuned and support the smog check program. 11. Don't top off at the gas pumps. 12. Replace your car's air filter. 13. Keep your tires properly inflated. 14. What about smoking vehicles? Contact the EPA's Office of Air Quality Planning & Standards. * What you do when you are stuck in traffic and not "driving" can be very important as well. Consider turning your engine off if you will be idling for long periods of time. That's not all. When shopping for your next car... 15. Look for the most efficient, lowest polluting modelor even use either a nonpolluting car or zero emission vehicle. Visit these web sites for information that will help you identify clean and fuel efficient vehicles in any part of the country: EPA's Green vehicle Guide The DOE/EPA Fuel Economy Guide The U.S. Department o...
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