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1 Homework 8 1. A loop of wire in the shape of a rectangle has resistance of 1 ohm. A long and straight wire carrying a current I lies on tabletop as shown in the figure. (a) Determine the magnetic flux through the loop due to the current I . (b) Suppose the current is changing with time according to I = a + bt , where a and b are constants. Determine the emf that is induced in the loop if b = 10.0 A/s, h = 1.00 cm, w = 10.0 cm and L = 100 cm. What is the induced current and it direction in the loop? What is the power transferred from the original current to the loop? 1. Two parallel rails with negligible resistance are 10.0 cm apart and are connected by a 5.00 ohm resister. The circuit also contains two metal rods
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Unformatted text preview: have resistances of 10.0 ohm and 15.0 ohm, sliding along the rails. The rods are pulled away from the resistor at constant speeds of 4.00 m/s and 2.00 m/s, respectively. A uniform magnetic filed of magnitude 0.010 T is applied perpendicular to the plane of the rails. Determine the power consumed by the 5.00 ohm resistor. 1. A uniform magnetic field decreases at a constant rate dB/dt = -K , where K is a positive constant. A circular loop of wire of radius a containing a resistance R and a capacitance C is placed with its plane normal to the field as shown in the figure. (a) Find the charge Q on the capacitor when it is fully charged. (b) Which plate is at the higher potential?...
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