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1 Homework 6 1. (a) Find the equivalent resistance between points a and b . (b) A potential difference of 34.0 V is applied between points a and b . Calculate the current in each resistor and the power consumed by each resistor. 1. The ammeter reads current 2.00 A. Find current direction in the ammeter , the currents I 1 , I 2 and the emf ε . 1. A voltmeter reads voltage or potential difference. Consider the circuit shown in the figure. What are the
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Unformatted text preview: expected readings of the ammeter and voltmeter? 1. The switch S has been open for a long time. It is then suddenly closed. Assuming that t = 0 when the switch is closed. Determine (a) the time constant before the switch is closed. (b) the current through the 100 kΩ after the switch is closed, (c) The current in the switch. A V...
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