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Unformatted text preview: 1 Homework 13 1. Two 3.0 meter-tall planar mirrors are placed facing and parallel to each other 0.75 m apart. If a ray of light just passes the bottom edge of one mirror and strikes the other at an incident angle of 10°, how many reflections will the light make before exiting this "hall"? 2. A bartender keeps an eye on her customers while her back is turned by way of a mirror mounted behind the bar. The mirror is 0.580 m wide and she is standing 0.750 m from it. How wide an expanse of the parallel wall opposite the mirror can she see in the mirror if the opposite wall is 6.00 m away from the mirror? 3. Use the mirror equation to show that for a planar mirror, the magnitude of the image distance equals the magnitude of the object distance. Hint: A planar mirror can be thought of as a spherical mirror with an infinite radius of curvature. 4. A mirror produces an inverted image 2.80 cm tall when a 5.60 cm tall object is 25.0 cm away from it. (a) What is the image distance? State your answer with the correct sign. (b) What is the focal length of the mirror? State your image distance?...
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